V-ZUG Website Redesign

V-ZUG is the Swiss market leader for kitchen and laundry room appliances. Since its founding in 1913, the highly successful company has distinguished itself from competitors through innovation, exceptional quality and domestic manufacturing. The product range spans from refrigerators and ovens all the way to dishwashers and fabric care systems. In order to further increase local and international awareness of V-ZUG as a premium brand, the company needed to hone its brand identity. The primary challenge was finding a way to communicate the values of the traditional Swiss company and its passion for outstanding developments to consumers. Working closely together with V-ZUG and Publicis, NOSE was responsible for the company’s rebranding as well as the development and implementation of internal and external communications measures. The website was redesigned to be more responsive, providing initial visibility. This redesign included, among other things, an online magazine that takes readers on a trip through the world of V-ZUG. V-ZUG’s new brand identity brings the company even closer to its customers and uses new visuals and content to create touchpoints for potential customers.

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