Sennheiser LSP-500

The Sennheiser Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems with a wide range of products for professionals and consumers. With the newly developed PA system LSP 500 PRO Sennheiser offers an innovative solution for anyone looking to quickly and easily organize events with high quality sound, such as businesses, conference hotels, universities and professional lenders. This unique system functions without any annoying cables and is extensible. It takes several microphone receivers and provides connections for a variety of other sound sources. An iPad app individually controls each speaker and the complete system. Thus can the PA system be instantly used for events of any size ensuring the highest sound quality. "The Pursuit of Sound Perfection " is felt in every detail. NOSE provided together with the Sennheiser team for an outstanding "user experience". The individual speakers can now be configured easily. The system as a whole can be efficiently set up and managed by an innovative iPad app. The sound in the room can be controlled intuitively controlled with the app also in live operations.

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